© 2018 by Josh Gray


Josh Gray was born and raised in New Orleans. After the tragic events of Hurricane Katrina, Josh drove a U-Haul from New Orleans to California with aspirations of becoming a producer/artist on a mainstream level after building his name back home. Josh Gray began producing music for his older brother in New Orleans but really found his sound musically when he was living in the city of Los Angeles at the age of 18.

Becoming a musician and entertainer wasn’t something that Josh thought he be doing as a child living in New Orleans. Josh wanted to become an Animator. Josh love for music was heavily influenced by the art of hip-hop and witnessing Kanye West battle 50 Cent for the #1 Hip-Hop album in 2007. The competition between two of Hip-Hop’s biggest names sparked his interest in hip-hop music.

Josh Gray began to write his own music over time and produce music for not only himself but for other artist as well. Josh is an up and coming artist that has developed a fan base from New Orleans, Los Angeles, and The Bay Area.

Josh Gray’s goals are to produce for notable mainstream talent and develop his own brand as an artist and producer. Josh has recently started “The Wake Up Movement” correlating to his single “Wake Up” encouraging his fans and fellow music lovers wake up and to be conscious of the messages that society feeds them through music, which is saturated with same stereotypical rhetoric, especially in today’s Hip-Hop. Josh Gray believes that having a platform and a voice, his music can promote Hip-Hop culture in a positive light.

Josh Gray has release several videos showcasing his growth and grind. Since the release of his music videos “Ghost”, “Too Long”, and “Wake Up, he noticed an incline of new followers. Josh has also been performing consistently of the past 4 years at various venues such as the House of Blues in New Orleans multiple times, The New Parish in Oakland, Club Monroe in San Francisco, various college campuses, and more.

Josh Gray will be the next big thing in the music industry and entertainment in general due to his belief in God, work ethic, moral compass, high character, and most of all; Talent. Any future business partner of Josh Gray would see the dedication and drive to be great from someone meant to achieve Greatness.